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list of people, past and present, who have contributed to The Voice of the Turtle.

The descriptions below are to inform and entertain and certainly not to implicate. It should be obvious that none of the institutions listed below bear any responsibility for anything on this site whatsoever, but are only mentioned for purposes of identification.

The links connect you to their Contributions to the Turtle.

Arash Abizadeh

Arash teaches Political Science at McGill University.

A Very Uncivil Society

Femi Aborisade

Femi is a lifelong trade unionist and socialist. He has fought against every military government in Nigeria for the last twenty-five years. For this he has been rewarded with more that two years in prison, where he was been beaten, starved and tortured.

The Turtle saluted Femi in March 2002.

My Ordeal at the Hands of President Obasanjo's Armed Aides

Sasha Abramsky

Balliol graduate currently studying for a degree in calculated cynicism in New York. He feels that America could be a truly wonderful place if only there weren't so many armadillos hanging around on Route 66 just waiting to be run over whenever he goes on a road trip. Other than that, he has nothing to complain about in his particular new world.

His book, Hard Time Blues, has been reviewed in the Turtle here), and his website is at

A Tale of Four Wars
Letter from America

Richard Adams

A former sports correspondent for the Timaru Herald, Richard is now a journalist on The Guardian, where he writes the City Diary.

His ferocious ambition is tempered only by lack of talent.

Harry Potter and the closet conservative
Dobbo! My (insignificant) part in his downfall

Zim Admin

'Zim Admin' is part of the Zimbabwe Indymedia Collective, and needs to remain anonymous to avoid attracting unwanted government attention.

The Chorus of the Lambs
Machiavelli's Goosebumps

Anne Alexander

Anne is a militant Socialist Worker who writes regularly for International Socialism on Middle Eastern politics.

A (Brief) People's History of Egypt

Taiaiake Alfred

Mohawk writer, scholar and activist Taiaiake Alfred is one of the most influential figures in a new generation of First Nations leaders. Taiaiake was born at Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal) and raised in the community of Kahnawake. As an influential social philosopher, Taiaiake has had significant involvement in the public life of his own community, of the Haudenosaunee, and other Indigenous peoples over the past 15 years. He is the author of two books, Heeding the Voices of Our Ancestors, a history of Mohawk militancy and nationalism, and Peace, Power, Righteousness, an essay on Indigenous ethics and leadership. He is a prominent Indigenous voice in scholarly circles, holding a Canada research Chair at the University of Victoria, and an award-winning journalist known for his passionate and incisive commentary on culture and politics.

Don't Lose Sight of the Real Battle

Farid Alvie

Farid Alvie is a Pakistani journalist based in West Asia.


Soren Ambrose

Soren learned about the impact of structural adjustment policies while working on a Ph.D. in African literature at the University of Chicago. After a 1992 visit to Nigeria, he determined that activism on IMF/World Bank issues was more urgent than his academic work, and joined the Chicago chapter of the 50 Years Is Enough Campaign when it formed in 1994. He moved to Washington, DC in 1995 and worked for Nicaragua Network, which donated much of his time to the 50 Years Is Enough Network. He became a full-time Network employee at the end of 1999. Visit 50 Years is enough here.

“Free Trade” Takes a Dive in Miami
One Very Big No: The WTO Stalemate in Cancún -- Part One
One Very Big No: The WTO Stalemate in Cancún -- Part Two

John Armstrong

John has a Ph.D. in maths from Wadham College, Oxford, having cracked a complex sum. He once had plans for a current affairs spoof entitled "John's Craven Newsround", but is now working in Information Technology for a Bank.

Rajeev Balasubramanyam

Rajeev, the winner of the 1999 Betty Trask Award, was recently teaching Marxist economics at a rather exclusive private school in Kathmandu.

Living with the Whites, Part I
Living with the Whites, Part II

Walden Bello

Walden teaches at the University of the Philippines and is the director of Focus on the Global South.

Asian Financial Crisis: The Movie

Pat Bennett

Pat is a free-lance writer living on the very edge of civilization in the wilderness area of Longworth, British Columbia, Canada. She's been writing professionally for the past twenty-plus years: columns, articles, stories, poems, etc.

Maverick Medleys: Street Songs after Quebec City
The Dogs of War

Jeremy Benson

We think that Jeremy is a civil servant at the Department for Education and Employment, and that he has something to do with nurseries. But we aren't really sure, and it is years since we had any contact with him.

David Bleakney

Dave Bleakney is a postal worker, sometimes musician and global justice advocate who thinks that Mike Harris and gang belong in jail.

Dudley George Waits, Ontario Government Parties
Miami: A Tale of Two Struggles
Miami Under Siege
Bono Bloody Bono

Iain Boal

Iain is an Irish social historian of science and technics. He co-edited Resisting the Virtual Life: The Culture and Politics of Information, and is the author of The Long Theft (forthcoming from City Lights Press), a history of enclosures old and new. He is currently acting director of the Environmental Politics Colloquium at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Stop the Madness of King George”: A Dispatch from San Francisco

Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond teaches political economy at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa

Zimbabwe's Rip-Off Poll
Is new Brazilian president still the candidate of the working class?

Joe Bord

A keen Young Fabian, Joe is getting round to doing his Ph.D. at Trinity College, Cambridge, after a spell at Balliol College, Oxford, where he ran the Left Caucus. He is now taking a look at the Whigs and the sciences in the early nineteenth century.

The Human Stain
The English Patient
A Curious Incident
Move Along Now
Taking the Temperature
Poverty, Liquidity and Demand
Missile Defiance
One Cheer for Neo-Conservatism
Phantoms and Morals
The Labour Government, the Election and the Internal Opposition, Part One
The Labour Government, the Election and the Internal Opposition, Part Two
Many Happy Returns

Suzanne Bosworth

Suzanne lives in London. She writes fiction, poetry, articles, and banners which fall apart in the rain. Her website is here. One of her most thrilling moments in life was having her newly inaugurated staff magazine for a major telecommunications company banned for being too ironic.

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

Naima Bouteldja

Naima is a French-Algerian activist

An Interview with Susan George
Except, of course, Mrs Thatcher
The Wrong ATTAC
Operation Muslim Vote

Andrew Brennand

Having once worked for EIDOS of Tomb Raider fame, Andrew is now fluffing the insidious blue hedgehog corporate mascot at SEGA in order sell the LIE of the capitalist hegemony to unsuspecting children.

Caroline Brooke

Caroline has been teaching modern European history at Queen Mary, University of London, and knows a lot about Bolshevism.

She was Stakhanovite of the Month in May 1999.

We Know Him! We Believe Him!
What Shall We Tell the Children?
Leonid Brezhnev, You Are Always With Us!
The Symposium of the Turtle: Seeing Like a State

Chris Brooke

Chris Brooke is the Isaiah Berlin Research Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Balliol College. He blogs at the Virtual Stoa.

Anderson Country
Italy, Europe, the Left
On John Laughland's The Tainted Source: A Review and a Polemic
A Brief History of Kosovo
Fascism: Theory and Practice
This Blessed Plot
The Symposium of the Turtle - Seeing Like a State
Introduction to the Empire Symposium

Michael Brooke

Mike works for the British Film Institute and writes reviews for the DVD Times.

Alasdair Campbell

Alasdair likes to talk to the newspapers, who print whatever he tells them to.

Towards the Third-Way Modernisation of the Turtle

Daniel Campione

Big Stick Politics

Terry Cantwell

Terry Cantwell is a Melbourne journalist, radio producer and one of this year’s Verandah Literary Journal editors. He has a webpage here.

The Peace Movement, the Media and the Internet

Ithaca Radical Cheerleaders

Radical Cheerleaders

Aziz Choudry

Aziz is based in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and is organiser for GATT Watchdog, who were once dubbed grumpy geriatric communists who tuck their shirts into their underpants by former New Zealand politician-turned-WTO Director General Mike Moore.

He is the Turtle's Stakhanovite of the Month for November 2001.

Lucky Country?
Advance Australia Fair?
Playing with Children's Lives
Bringing It All Back Home: Anti-globalisation Activism Cannot Ignore Colonial Realities
Prising Open the Pacific
Suspicious Minds
Whose Beat Should We Dance To?
The Sounds of the (Southern Hemisphere) Summer
New Wave/Old Wave: Aotearoa New Zealand’s Colonial Continuum
Trials and Tribulations: Supporting our Comrades

Adriano Nervo Codato

Adriano Nervo Codato is a professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). He is the author of the book Sistema estatal e política econômica no Brasil pós-64 (The Brazilian State System and Political Economy since 1964) and the coeditor of Revista de Sociologia e Política (Journal of Sociology and Politics)

The Republican University in Brazil

Rachel Cohen

Rachel has been an activist in London and a few other places for the last ten years. She juggles her militancy with teaching women's studies at the University of Westminister, and writing up my PhD on Second Wave American Feminism and Identity Politics.

Five years in the life of the US women’s movement

Kate Collier

Kate wrote a Ph.D. at Birmingham University on the means by which mass politics was conducted on the Ghana-Togo border in the 1950s.

Francisco Javier Cubero

Francisco Javier Cubero is from Barcelona, and is currently completing his first poetry anthology. He is also trying to return to the academy, but Spain's draconian rules about people who are older than 25 going back for undergraduate degrees makes this hard. He first went to school when Franco was still alive, when it was illegal to teach in Catalan.

Fascism and Complicity

Radha D'Souza

Radha D'Souza is an activist in New Zealand.

Global Commons: But Where is the Community?
The WSF Revisited: Back to Basics

Ben Dalby

Ben works in computers, but his real talents lie elsewhere, and the Turtle encourages you all to buy his debut album Symphony of Silence.

Palash Davé

Palash directed Hitch Hike, a Channel Four documentary about Christopher Hitchens (which he wrote about in The Guardian).

He is the Turtle's Film and Theatre Commissar.

No Logorrhoea

Kelly Dietz

Kelly Dietz's research has taken her to Okinawa, colony of Japan and occupied territory of the US Military. She's trying to figure out what happens to citizenship under supposedly "legitimate" military occupation. So far, she says, it's not a pretty sight. In her free time, Kelly enjoys smashing the system and snorkeling.

"Criminal and Unjustifiable": Reflections on State Power in Durban

Paul Dundon

Formerly an Earthquake Predictor, Paul writes code and lives in Manchester. His magnificent work on the Code of the Turtle earned him the coveted Stakhanovite of the Month title for September 2001.

My Boyfriend's Parents Went To China
The SWAMP Agenda
Galvanizing Resistance

Peter Dwyer

Peter Dwyer is a former crap amateur boxer, Anfield Road Ender who felt no shame in 'running' and was on the fringes of the NF; having seen the light, or something functionally equivalent, he is now disposed to bisexuality, vegetarianism and loony leftiness, although currently undergoing therapy with AWGA ('Away Game' Annoymous). He fights for meagre office space at the University of East Anglia.

Is it Something in the Whine?
Dying to Fight

Mark Engler

Mark Engler, a writer based in New York City, is a commentator for Foreign Policy in Focus. He can be reached via the web site

Bush Brewing Poverty and Violence in El Salvador
Marching for a Global Peace
Whither a New Internationalism?
From the Quarantine against Greed
Miami's Trade Troubles
The Peace Movement One Year On

Shereen Essof

Shereen hangs out at the African Gender Institute... most of the time. She wonders why the Turtle is such an old boys club.

A Letter from Johannesburg
Ama: A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Ben Fender

Ben -- ahem, Comrade Fung -- can now say "Rightist Deviationist" in several different ways in Mandarin Chinese. He is the Founder of the Turtle, and lives in Beijing. The website is home to his classic 1995 article, Remembrance of Turtles Past.

Michaele Ferguson

Michaele, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, is working on a Ph.D. dissertation at Harvard that will push back the frontiers of feminist theory by showing in painstaking detail why The World Needs More Canada. She lives in Bellevue, near Seattle, and her own webpage is here.

The Fridge Poetry of the Turtle

Ben Fine

Ben Fine is an economist at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

They Fuck You Up With Social Cap

Chris Fisch

Chris Fisch, an artist and traveller, is currently bedridden in Vienna.

72 Hours in Prague, Part I
72 Hours in Prague, Part II
72 Hours in Prague, Part III
72 Hours in Prague, Part IV
72 Hours in Prague, Part V
72 Hours in Prague, Part VI

Yasser Fool

Comrade Fool lives two houses down from a large fishtank in which resides a porcupine pufferfish named Karl. Karl!

Salaam to Salman

Oliver Francis

"Oliver Francis works in and out of Oxford and London. When not pestering his friends to find him a proper job he struggles with his novels and the occasional screenplay. Other musings, along with study guides for various bits and pieces of 20th Century literature can be found at

Orwell, Hitchens and the Evil-doers

Cristina Galeata

Cristina is Librarian of the American Library, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Letters, University of the West, Timisoara.

The Economics of Love

Brian Glenn

Brian, a New Englander, is writing a D.Phil thesis at St. Antony's College, Oxford, on the Political Science of the Insurance Industry. But it is more interesting than it sounds. His webpage is here.

The Symposium of the Turtle: Seeing Like a State

Leland Glenna

Leland Glenna is a lecturer in the Rural Sociology department at Cornell University. His research and teaching interests include environment and society, sustainable development, and agricultural biotechnology.

On Grassroots Postmodernism

Binnie Goh

Binnie is a legal adviser at HM Treasury. She is specialising in discrimination law and is working on anti-discrimination law for transsexuals. Sadly, Binnie has blown her chances of reaching the higher echelons of the civil service by treading on her previous Secretary of State's guide dog.

Dan Gordon

Dan was once Lincoln College JCR Shop Rep, before writing a D.Phil thesis on the French New Left at Sussex University.

Soggy Consenses, National-Republicans and Neo-Bolsheviks
The Tower of Babel Comes to North London - Part One
The Tower of Babel Comes to North London - Part Two

Uri Gordon

Uri used to serve in the Israeli Defence Force. Then he got better, and is now a graduate student at Mansfield College, Oxford, where he works on the ideology of the anti-globalisation movement.

The Future Begins Now
Thoughts on the Immediate Future of Anti-Capitalist Activism

Alex Grant

Improbable and delightful in equal measure, though a little too sympathetic to the Government of the day, Alex is a Labour member of Greenwich Council (pictured here!) and is a senior reporter on Printing World magazine.

Beyond Our Ken: Separating Myth from Reality in the London Mayoral Race

Joe Guinan

Comrade Joe now lives in Washington DC. He works for the rather splendid National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives, and is currently writing a book on War and Political Economy with Gar Alperovitz.

Empire, the State and Class Struggle, Part I
Empire, the State and Class Struggle, Part II
Empire, the State and Class Struggle, Part III
Empire, the State and Class Struggle, Part IV
Pension Fund Socialism
Pension Fund Socialism Part II
Pension Fund Socialism Part III
Pension Fund Socialism Part IV

Friederike Habermann

Friederike is an historian, an economist, and an activist, living in the wilderness of northern Germany, where she is struggling with a dissertation on "Economic Man and Otherness".

Buenos Aires Reportage
How Much Will the Dollar Cost?
Others' Poverty: Tipping the World Social Forum
A World Social Forum in which many do not fit
Bridges and Fences: Autonomous Spaces and the European Social Forum in London

Simon Hampson

Simon is a graduate student in Philosophy at University College, London.

Laptops + Guitars

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison is Research Fellow in Chinese Studies at the Centre for the Study of Democracy , University of Westminster, London UK.

Rambles Among the Imperialists

Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood is the editor of the Left Business Observer and author of Wall Street: How it works and for whom. He lives in New York City.

Does It Mean Anything To Be A Leninist In 2001?

James W. Horton

Behold the Human: Leni Riefenstahl and the 'Homo Sapiens' Defence


This Is What Democracy Sounds Like

Cathy Hume

After getting a degree in mediaeval English, Cathy couldn't work out what to do next, and ended up working at the Home Office.

Suffragette City

Ryan Ismert

A computer wizard formerly at Cornell University's Telluride House, Ryan was Stakhanovite of the Month in June 1999. He is living in London.

Sean Jacobs

Sean Jacobs, is a South African journalist and researcher completing his doctorate in politics at Birkbeck College, London. He likes to listen to Abdullah Ibrahim and The Roots

Young Lions
Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony
We are the Poors: Community Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Karel Jenczek

Karel lives in Prague and works with computers.

Three Short Pieces About Rioting

Maninder Kahlon (Mini)

Mini is a Bay Area performance artist, activist, scientist and geek. Her homepage is here.

Very American Crimes

Binoy Kampmark

Binoy Kampmark is currently at the History Department, University of Queensland, with special research interests in immigration, American and European intellectual history. He is currently seeking a new left politics in response to '9-11.'

Death in Bali: an Antipodean Terror

Philip Kane

Philip Kane is a writer, storyteller, Socialist Worker and anti-globalisation activist. He is involved in the anti-capitalist arts group Movement of the Imagination. His poems, stories and articles have appeared in magazines and anthologies, and his books include City's Little Heart (Mezzanine, 1994), The Wildwood King (Capall Bann, 1997) and the poem-sequence Tarot (Mezzanine, 2000). He was an editor of the North Kent anthology, The Industry of Letters (Mezzanine/KCC, 1996). A new collection of poetry and short prose pieces, Mars Rising, is due for publication in November 2001.

Somebody Gave Me a Dog

Salim Lamrani

Salim is a French professor, writer and journalist and has specialized in U.S. Cuba relations.

U.S. Economic sanctions against Cuba: objectives of an imperialist policy
Services Rendered: the US Independent Libraries in Cuba

Trevor Landers

Trevor Landers is a Lecturer in Communication at The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. He has just returned from a teaching stint in at the Univeritatei de Vest, Timisoara, Romania for the 'love of marxism and a loaf of bread'. His poetry has been widely published in New Zealand and has been critically acclaimed overseas.

Socialist Laundry
The Tragedy of Romanian Railway Stations II
Vientiane People's Song
Rite de Passage - Kabul 2002
Our Society is Too Conformist
Anti-Multinational Hypertext Poem
Postcolonial Conversation with a Subaltern
Tokyo Trance
15 inglorious years of Corporatisation in New Zealand and the McDonaldisation of tertiary education
The Economics of Love
Socialism Romanian Style
At Karen's Funeral at Old St Pauls, Wellington, 30 January 2003
Thinking Too Much, Too Deeply, is Hazardous to your Health
Corporatisation in New Zealand

Brendan Larvor

Brendan (pictured here) is now teaching philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire. His book on Lakatos can be bought at your local bookshop.

Boot: A Quality Assured Allegory
Why the Election is so Dull
What do Tony and George have in common?

John Lea

John teaches criminology at Middlesex University. His webpage is here.

Socialism or Barbarism
The Return of Cosmopolitan Capital, Part I
The Return of Cosmopolitan Capital, Part II

Mary Leng

Mary is a Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at St John's College, Cambridge. Her web page is here.

Security Efforts Praised

Alana Lentin

Racism and Human Rights: Towards a New Humanism?

Peter Lowe

Peter is a budding academic with poetic leanings, writing a Ph.D. on T. S. Eliot at Durham University. Peter was our Stakhanovite of the Month for February 2000.

Not Much Fun In Stalingrad
Bruce Chatwin
Anil's Ghost
Chronicle of a Death Unfurled
An Equal Music
Saul Bellow's Herzog: A Plea for Confused Understanding
Modern or Postmodern? Habermas or Lyotard? EitherOr, andor Both/And?

James Mackintosh

Once an ace reporter for the Gloucester Citizen, Mackie now works for the Financial Times. Here's his webpage.

John Manoochehri

Tired of UNEP's environment, John Manoochehri is currently writing a PhD in industrial ecology (theoretical aspects of sustainable resource use), in the process of which he has discovered that he actually knows nothing about the real environment - nature and all that. Competing interests in Buddhology and music ensure low-level ignorance over a broad range of topics. Politically, he's not even a socialist - though he did finalise and pass through the Party Conference the first ever complete rewrite of the UK Green Party's Philosophical Basis - and he tries a little bit. He has a homepage here to which Turtle Readers have received an especially warm invitation.

The Mao of Pooja
Mao of Pooja: A Commentary

Michael Manville

Michael Manville is an editor of Freezerbox Magazine. His writing has appeared in a number of online and print publications. He lives in Los Angeles.

This is American History on Drugs

David Martinez

David Martinez is in Iraq.

The Kill Zone: Moving Wounded in Fallujah
Cut Nur and Kausar before the Tsunami

P. J. McMahon

P. J. McMahon lives in Ealing, where he divides his time between I.T. consultancy, writing experimental fiction and playing with a vintage Fender Jaguar. He thinks that Mid-West London is a much misunderstood (and criminally neglected) part of the world: he, for one, would live nowhere else.

On Meeting Third-Way Intellectuals
The First Time I Ever Saw Kinnock
The First Time I Ever Saw John Smith
I Have Seen Tony Blair
The First Time I Ever Saw Michael Foot
I Never Saw Jim Callaghan
And the Other Labour Leaders?

Martin Meenagh

Modern Historian, once a doctoral student at Balliol College, Oxford.

New Britain Revisited: The Democratic Renewal of the United Kingdom

Kayte Meola

Kayte Meola is a graduate student of development sociology at Cornell University.

We Are All Friends Here

The Midnight Notes Collective

The Midnight Notes Collective has been publishing anti-nuclear, anti-war and anti-capitalist essays, journals and books for almost a quarter century. Its most recent books are Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, War, 1973-1992 (New York: Autonomedia, 1992) and Auroras of the Zapatistas: Local and Global Struggles of the Fourth World War (New York: Autonomedia, 2001). Our postal address is Midnight Notes, P.O. Box 204, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 and our web address is

Respect Your Enemies--The First Rule of Peace, Part I
Respect Your Enemies--The First Rule of Peace, Part II

Dia Mohan

Dia is a doctoral student at Cornell University's Department of Rural Sociology. She is currently working with liberation theatre groups in rural Bengal, and plans world domination through a chain of coffee, cake and fingerpainting shops.

The Woman Who Mistook Herself for a Parrot

Dan Moshenberg

Dan is an Associate Professor of English and Women’s Studies at George Washington University, and a founding member of the Tenants’ and Workers’ Support Committee of Northern Virginia. He edits Prisons/Literacies/Cultures [P/L/C] Special Series of PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory, writes a great deal, has translated Paul Virilio’s Lost Dimension (1991, (Semiotext(e))), and is so enamoured of the District of Columbia that he'll be at the Centre for Higher Education Development at the University of Cape Town from January through December 2003.

Of Empire in the Absence(s) of Colonialism, Part I
Of Empire in the Absence(s) of Colonialism, Part II

E. Lovemore Moyo

E. Lovemore Moyo is an activist and academic living in Harare, recently evicted from a fine home because of the state of the garden.

Zimbabwe Elections: Unfree, Unfair, Unsurprisingly
Workers Unnecessary in New Zimbabwe

Marc Mulholland

Having written a book on Ulster Unionism in the 1960s, Marc Mulholland is now Fellow in Modern History at St Catherine's College, Oxford.

The Irish Story
The Boys from the County Cork

James Murphy

Jobbing intellectual James Murphy supports Kilmarnock FC and runs the Model Reasoning consultancy, which is distinguished by its monthly book review column. He lives in North London and used to eat a lot at the excellent though now sadly-defunct Indian Lancer.

Jim has been awarded the Turtle's Title, Menshevik of the Millennium, for his services to revisionism!

NHS: Time to Let Go
Peace & Plenty: the defining feature of the UK in the first decade
Pinochet: The Politics of Torture - An Interview
Bowling Alone
To Praise, and To Bury

Trevor Ngwane

Born in the heyday of South African apartheid, expelled from Fort Hare during the student strikes there in 1980 and 1982, Trevor became a conscious Marxist in the mid-1980s. He was expelled by Witwatersrand University in 1989 after helping to found the Wits Workers School, an education project for workers, with classes held in the Sociology Department's tearoom. He worked for this project for 4 years, for 2 years without pay supported by his loving wife Miranda. In a by-now familiar pattern, Trevor served as a local government councillor on an ANC ticket for 4 years in Pimville, Soweto, and finished his last year as an independent councillor after the ANC expelled me for publicly opposing their privatisation plans for Johannesburg city. He helped to found the Anti-Privatisation Forum and the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee which leads the fight against electricity and water cut-offs in South Africa's urban working class townships.

The John Pape I Knew

Yanick Noiseux

Yanick is a freelance journalist who has spent the last two years living and studying the informal economy in Mexico City. He has published articles at the Quebec Alternative Media Center, and will be starting a Ph.D. course in Sociology at Quebec's University in Montreal (UQAM) in January 2002.

A Wolf in Fox's Clothing

Martin O'Neill

When he isn't slumming it and writing about matters of which he knows nothing, Martin enjoys thinking and writing about responsibility, selfhood and equality. Having finally left Oxford, he is now in the Philosophy Department at Harvard. Martin was Stakhanovite of the Month in March 1999, and subsequently elected by acclamation to be the Turtle's Motorways and Turnpikes Commissar. Martin's own webpage is here.

Strange News from Bradley County
Tear Gas Memories: Dispatches from the Front at Quebec City
New Forms: Pelé, The M25 and Artistic (Post) Modernism
Empire State Building

Hugh O'Shaughnessy

Hugh O'Shaughnessy is distinctly unfond of General Augusto Pinochet.

A Fable from Old New York

Sanya Osha

Sanya, a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa lived for a short while in Ogoniland after the judicial murder of Ken-Saro Wiwa trying to find out what really went wrong. We don't know whether he did or not.

Colonizing the Global

Ezekiel Pajibo

Ezekiel Pajibo is a Liberian living in Zimbabwe.

Liberia: Not for Pity's Sake

Raj Patel

Raj is a Co-Editor of the Turtle. He has a blog and a homepage and soon he'll have a job at the University of Kwazulu Natal.

After Seattle
The Third Way in Bangkok
Who's Afraid of the PGA?
Zimbabwe's Rip-Off Poll
Hard Time Blues
Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
Nervous Conditions
The Middle Classes Kid in DC
The Uses of Ali G
Boys in Suits
They Also Make Bombs out of Paper
Sweet Dreams are Made of this
Knowledge, Power, Talking Monies
A Letter from Harare
Fiat Justitia et Pereat Mundus
Not Suckered but Seduced
What does NEPAD stand for?
Prophets Without Honour
Faulty Shades of Green
Class Struggle and Resistance in Africa
Three Cheers for Two Struggles with One Purpose
Very American Crimes
Democracy and Its Simulacra
The Third Nelson Mandela
Introduction to the Second Symposium of the Turtle: No Logo
Informazione, potere, alta finanza
A Prague Quartet - 1.Schizophrenia
A Prague Quartet - 2. Amnesia
A Prague Quartet - 3. Nausea
A Prague Quartet - 4. Myopia
The Uneatable in Pursuit of the Unthinkable
Life in a Northern Town

Renato Monseff Perissinotto

Renato Monseff Perissinotto is is a professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). He is the author of the books Classes dominantes e hegemonia na República Velha (Dominant Classes and Hegemony in the Old Republic) and Estado e capital cafeeiro em São Paulo, 1889-1930 (The State and the Coffee Economy in Sao Paulo, 1889-1930) . He coedits the Revista de Sociologia e Política (Journal of Sociology and Politics)

The Republican University in Brazil

Petie Petrovich

Petie Petrovich grew up in the workers' stronghold of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he first learned about Bloody Sunday, the Diggers, Stephen Biko, Medgar Evers, Joe Hill, Stonewall, Duppy Conquerors, and lots of other things from popular music. He thinks there are plenty of targets that are more worthwhile than Bono.

Bon Mot for Bono

Dan Peyser

Dan, a native son of Vermont, recently graduated with departmental honors from St. Lawrence University's Department of Primate Studies. His hobbies include bagpiping, alligator wrestling, and Lego porn. Currently living in exile somewhere in France, he is the author of several books and political tracts, including State and Revolution, Grundrisse, Catechism of a Revolutionist, and was the ghost writer for Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung.

The Left Needs Therapy: Reflections on Election Night, 2004

Richard Pithouse

Richard is a researcher at the Centre for Civil Society.

The Third Nelson Mandela

Adelar Pizetta

Adelar Pizetta is a member of the collective leadership of the MST's Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes, Guararema -São Paulo.

The Training of Political Cadres: theoretical structure, experiences and present situation

Oliver Pooley

Philosopher of Space Time, Olly teaches philosophy at Exeter College, Oxford.

Diane di Prima

Diane di Prima is a poet. She lives in San Francisco.

Revolutionary Letter #1
Revolutionary Letter #9
Revolutionary Letter #18
Revolutionary Letter #26
Revolutionary Letter #49

Steve Pugh

Steve is an accomplished socialist cybernaut and bankrolls the accumulation of Star Trek paraphernalia through web work. Steve was Stakhanovite of the Month for April 2000 for his sterling efforts on behalf of the French Revolutionary Calendar. His web page is here.

Copyright and the Internet: All Rights Reserved

Luke Purshouse

We weren't sure what Luke was doing for many years. But it now turns out he's finished his Ph.D. on embarrassment and jealousy, and has been the Director of Studies in Philosophy at various Cambridge colleges.

Josephine Crawley Quinn

When she isn't taking back San Francisco, Josephine studies Ancient History at UC Berkeley, where she applies Queer Theory to the Ancient Greeks and thinks about trouser-clad barbarians. She is the Turtle's Poetry Commissar, and her webpage is here.


Anne Rademacher

Anne is studying in the Program(me) in Ecological Anthropology in Yale University's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is quite interested in Himalayan sewage.

The Symposium of the Turtle: Seeing Like a State

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan teaches Philosophy and Islamic Studies at the College of Geneva and the University of Fribourg. He has written several books.

The Left's Unspoken Cultural Chauvinism:

Linnie Rawlinson

The Turtle's Music Maestro, Linnie manufactures webpages for the BBC and lives in Sheffield.

She is Stakhanovite of the Month for May 2001. Her webpage is here.

Why I will be spoiling my ballot paper on 7th June
The Inaugural Music Reviews of the Turtle
More Music Reviews
Back on Track: More Music Reviews of the Turtle
Room on Fire, It Still Moves
A Well-Packaged and Easily-Digestible Tome

Howie Reed

Howie would like to be the new Hunter S. Thompson. By day, though, he crunches numbers for the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The Economic Horror
An Election Diary
Hunter S. Thompson: An Obituary

Dave Renton

Dave has finished his Ph.D. and had three books published. He recently moved to London to work for the TUC.

Dave was the Stakhanovite of the Month for October 1999. His webpage is here.

The Russian Revolution
America: Online, Declining and Fooled
A (Brief) People's History of Egypt
Anarcho-Stalinism: Down with!
Out of Apathy
Reflections on the Recent Elections in Austria
No More Heroes Anymore - In Memoriam: Tony Cliff, 1917-2000
Phil Neville, Sport and British National Decline
Italy, My Italy!
One, Two, Three and a Bit, Nazis are a piece of...
An Intellectual Left?
Liberated Continent? The South African Elections of 1999
Now the Bombings have Begun
The Rebel Girl
Arguing Peace Beyond the War
A Reply to Comrade Waterman
On the stump against the BNP in Sunderland
Antipodean Imperialism
Wilko, Rugby and National Rebirth
The Passions of Tony Blair
The Battle of John Prescott's Sleep
Before the Deluge
The Price of Brent, Crude

Andrew Reston

Andrew is a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, where he reads Science Fiction and thinks about Henry James.

Cultural Spaces vs. Advertising, Rhapsody and Prayer

Hambridge Ron

Hambrige Ron lives in South Africa.

An Exile May Sing

Dom Sandbrook

Dom teaches history at the University of Sheffield and works on the career of the great Democratic Senator, philosophy professor, and former Benedictine monk, Eugene McCarthy. Dom is Stakhanovite of the Month for March 2000.

Database Kings
Life in the Old Dog Yet
The Man Who Would Be President, 1968, or How a Monk Took on the American
A Carnival of Fools and Whores: The American Political Circus, 2000
After Milosevic
Bastards in the White House: A Reply
Bastards in the White House - A Rejoinder to a Response to a Reply

Pete Sarris

A Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, who researches Byzantine agriculture.

Mikush Schwam-Baird

Mikush Schwam-Baird was born in Israel and left when he two. Since then he’s been somewhat homeless himself, living in New Orleans, Strasbourg, Jacksonville, FL, and most recently in Ithaca, NY where he just completed a Bachelors at Cornell in Literature, Theory, and Creative Writing. He now works for the Service Employees International Union in Washington, DC. He enjoys long walks on the beach and has a soft spot for good short stories and global justice protests.

There's No Place Like Home?

David Schwam-Baird

David is an assistant professor at the University of North Florida's Department of Political Science & Public Administration. He teaches courses in Latin American politics, Middle East Politics, Political Philosophy, and of late, Globalization. His latest book is Ideas and Armaments: Military ideologies in theMaking of the Brazilian Arms Industries (1997). He loves cappucino, traveling, and walking in the rain. Not to be confused with Mikush Schwam-Baird.

Empire and the Desire for Beauty

Gamini Seneviratne

Gamini Seneviratne is a retired civil servant from Sri Lanka. Throughout his career, he was harrassed for his political beliefs. He has published three collections of poetry, Twenty Five Poems, Another Selection and traveling and a fourth, pseudonymously, Songs of Lanka.

Sitting Down

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne, was one of 23 people from 14 countries invited by Pax Christi USA to observe the election in Florida. His most recent series of essays, Love Notes To Democracy, can be retrieved from him in full by contacting him at

Subterranean Transcripts
Dream Diary of an Insomniac
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Reflections on a Lost Election
Sweeping Away Irregularities
The Timeless Spectacle of St Monica
Going Beyond Numb in the Face of Tragedy
Territories of the Displaced Political

Naunihal Singh

Naunihal Singh is a Ph.D. candidate in Government at Harvard University and a member of the Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Task Force. He is a Sikh, an American, and a New Yorker whose high school prom was held at the World Trade Center.

Why are the Victims of the Backlash Faceless?

Sara Smith

Disciplining and Punishing somewhere...

George Speight

Not the George Speight who is involved in the current chaos in Fiji, our George Speight recently left Nuffield College, Oxford, to go and work for the Bank of England..

Macdonald Stainsby

Macdonald Stainsby is a 28 year-old freelance writer and social justice activst, currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

Neither Trade Talks Nor Peace Talks

Alicia Swords

Alicia Swords is from central New York, and currently lives in southern Mexico where she is doing PhD work in Development Sociology, (a fine program at Cornell University.) For her birthday she prefers whirled peas and sweet things like popsicles.

To Kilometre 0 and Back -- A Report from the Streets of Cancún

Howard Tessler

Howard Tessler is a poet.

How I Became A Communist

James Thompson

James teaches recent British history at Bristol University.

Too Important to be Left to Conservatives
On Living in a Golden Age of Biography

Jerry Threet

Jerry Threet is an activist in San Francisco and a recovering Texan.

Just Married

Bob Torres

Bob Torres is currently studying contemporary agrarian transformations in Spain. The best thing about this is --apparently -- "the absinthe". His excellent daily weblog appears at

The Burning Shrub: some remarks on Bush's Energy Policy
Fascism and Complicity

Art Toynbee

Art Toynbee, with homes in London, Paris and Tokyo, remains committed to the belief that property is theft.

The Power Behind The Throne

Gwen Tressider

Gwen is a teacher in London.

Vitalii Trukhan

Vitalii Trukhan lived in Rostov on Don in 1978.

Leonid Brezhnev, You Are Always With Us!

Nick Turse

Nick Turse is a historian working in the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia University in the City of New York. When not toiling as a wage slave or marching in the street, he is pursuing his Ph.D in History and Sociomedical Sciences (also at Columbia). Both his work and dissertation keep him thoroughly immersed in the study of the Vietnam War.

Find My Message
Seti Amun Ra Jakada: Domestikkk Terrorizm
Heroic Guerillas,and other misrememberings
Hear Our Message
You Can't Handle the Truth

Tamara Z. Turse

Tamara is a grad student working on her thesis on impartiality of embedded reporters. In her spare time she dabbles in photography and writing. Her photography appears here.

Ted Vallance

Doctor Ted is a research fellow in the History Department at the University of Sheffield, who has recently finished a D.Phil at Balliol College, Oxford on oath-taking in the seventeenth century.

Killing People Is Wrong
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Is The West Wing Left Wing?

John Venice

By day John Venice works for a conference organisation in London; by night he is a queer dilettante.

Thoughts from a Queer Gym: on complicity, desire and logos

Ivan Vetvicka

Ivan Vetvicka lives in Prague.

Three Short Pieces About Rioting

Sarwat Viquar

Sarwat works with a range of groups in Montreal, including the "No one is Illegal" campaign, which defends the rights of immigrants and refugees, and argues for an end to borders. She also works with various South Asian groups on anti-communal work, focusing on the Gujarat pogrom.

Under the Shadow of the G8
Living In Fear: Detention And Deportation

David Walker

David bounces back and forth between London and his native North-East. He is currently teaching law and living in Streatham.

Peter Waterman

Peter is the author of Globalisation, Social Movements and the New Internationalisms (2001, London/Washington: Continuum), and likes the idea of solidarity so much that he edits its website here.

Hegemonising resistance
Second Reflections on the Third World Social Forum
The Excessively Post-Communist Manifesto of George Monbiot
The Old and the New in the GJ&SM
From Comrades' Agreements to the Reinvention of Social Emancipation, Part I
Conceptualising the World Working Class, Part I
Globalisation from the Middle? Reflections from a Margin -- Part I
From Comrades' Agreements to the Reinvention of Social Emancipation, Part II
Conceptualising the World Working Class, Part II
Globalisation from the Middle? Reflections from a Margin -- Part II
The Forward March of Labour Recommenced? (Part One)
The Forward March of Labour Recommenced? (Part Two)
A Reply to Comrade Renton
Children of the Non-Revolution

Daniel Patrick Welch

Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, USA, with his wife, Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde. Together they run The Greenhouse School. His columns have also been aired on radio. Other articles, stickers for upcoming protests and other 'stuff' can be found here.

Suffering Suffrage
American Taliban
Don't Mess With Texas

Hugh Wilkinson

We have no idea where Hugh has got to. Sorry.

Jon Wilson

Jon teaches imperialist history at King's College, London.

Two Concepts of Quentin Skinner

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan, who was Stakhanovite of the Month in September 1999, is now the Eastern European Football correspondent for FourFourTwo magazine, and has recently been talking to Zinedine Zidane.

Puskas on Puskas: The Life and Times of a Footballing Legend
The Tesseract
What a Load of Shit: Various Frenchmen and the Self in Beckett's Trilogy
Dickens' Dick: Freud and Fractured Selfhood
Dynamos in Decline

Joe Winkley

Joe is a solicitor with Slaughter and May. We wonder whether he still writes poetry.

J. Carter Wood

J. Carter Wood lives in Germany and has recently published his book on Violence and Crime in Nineteenth-Century England: The Shadow of Our Refinement (Routledge). In his spare time, he's desperately working on a secret alchemical formula that turns style into substance, and he was Stakhanovite of the Month in November 2000. He blogs at Obscene Desserts.

Loving in a Rock'n'Roll Fantasy
Star Spangled Blather
There'll Always Be An England?
Dubya Won - No Way, Bud!
Getting the Vapors
Violence, Identity, Multiculturalism
Real Men
Why Him Again? Bruised Reflections on Bush from Germany
Bastards in the White House
Bastards in the White House: A Response to a Reply

Sophie Woolley

Sophie Woolley is a writer and actress from London. She wrote the infamous D.J. Bird diaries in Sleaze Nation, documenting the rise and fall of a despicable porn-fi DJ groupie. She has written for the Shoreditch Twat as well as performing her satirical character monologues at countless nightclubs and galleries, including the Barbican, the Hayward Gallery, the Eve Club, Duckie and the Sonic Mook Experiment tour at the 333, ICA and the CCA in Glasgow. She appeared on Channel 4 programmes 'The Art Show' and the Shoreditch Tw*t comedy lab sketch show in October 2002. She performed a specially commissioned work at the Chris Ofili Exhibition 'Freedom' at the Victoria Miro Gallery and performed with Irvine Welsh at The Festival of Love and Hate at the 12 Bar. Sophie was a featured artist on "modern love", a Renaissance One spoken word tour on love and modern relationships.

Shouting at the News

Writers Bloc

Writers Bloc is a collective of anti capitalist dissidents penning missives from many areas of resistance. Their recent accounts of the glorious failure of the Cancun trade talks can be found at

The Capital of Violence and the Violence of Capital

Manuel Yang

Manuel Yang is an autonomist Marxist who was was born under the schizoid star of satanic, petty-bourgeois Gemini in Campinas, Brazil under the dictatorship of neo-imperialist gunrunners who sold their mothers, Peruvian marching powder, and testicles of Guarana street vendors for a lifetime backstage pass to Michael Jackson concerts. He later apprenticed under Woody Woodpecker, TV version of Spiderman, and the channeled spirits of Mikhail Bakunin and Karl Marx, only to find himself expelled from six high schools in a row because he kept running up to his teachers with a sharkskin S&M flyswatter and smashing them on their bums when they said "Who stole the chalk this time?" Currently he is said to reside in the Midwest, collecting stamps of Che Guevara, Charles Bukowski, and Winnie the Pooh; sleeping with trans-human sex workers who read pirated edition of Derrida's Specters of Marx and memorize lines from the Family Channel's version of Debbie Didn't Even Get to Dallas; and pretending to look for a job as an anarchist pastry chef while writing incoherent poetry about mescaline-addled toilet sinks [sic] on the margins of discarded newspapers with an extremely short, dull No. 2 pencil.

Historic Logic of Suburi
Don't Look Back
War Communism, Oct 4, 2002
The Metaphysical Labour of Sex

Sim Yarrow

Sim now lives in South Africa, where he plays jazz music with Veterans of Struggle.

A Letter from Cape Town
Schools for the New Century

Leo Zeilig

Leo is currently working in London, and planning to return to Senegal in the new year. He writes occasionally for West Africa magazine, and is also working on a book on the oral history of the anti-capitalist movement with Peter Dwyer. He is our Stakhanovite of the Month for March 2002!

Against Global Apartheid
Black Hawk Down: Celebrating American Imperialism in Somalia
Democracy, Interrupted: the case of Femi Aborisade
Zim's Djinn
Searching for a Spine in Zimbabwe
The Congo: Speculators and Thieves 1994-2000: Part I
The Congo: Speculators and Thieves 1994-2000: Part II

Note: If you are, or have any more recent information about, any of these people, do drop us a line. We've had to make some of this up and we're very good about letting people write their own by-lines, as you can tell from the Abramsky entry. You will notice that we are much better at staying in touch with colleagues who are still in Higher Education or Information Technology, because of the easy access to email that this always entails. This reflects badly on us, we know, and we will try to do a bit better in future.

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