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Welcome to the Library of the Turtle!

The Library of the Turtle, which started life in February 2000, is a home for much-loved texts in the history of struggle. While New Material will always be welcome at the Turtle in the form of our Articles, Reviews, Dictionary Entries, Poems and Salutes, the Library provides a space for the the valuable work of the conservation, the recuperation, and the recirculation of the Old, and even, on occasion, the Fairly Recent.

The Essence of Fascism

by Karl Polanyi

Are Refugees an Asset?

by Political and Economic Planning

The Temporary Autonomous Zone

by Hakim Bey

Via Campesina Statements on Food Sovereignty

Theses on the Paris Commune

by Guy Debord, Attila Kotányi and Raoul Vaneigem

The Society of the Spectacle

by Guy Debord

The Charter of Demands of the Indian National Fishworkers' Forum

Why are the Many Poor?

[The first ever Fabian tract]

The Charter for the New European Social Movement

The Declaration of the South Summit

The Manifesto of the Network of Alternative Resistance

A Socialist Vision for a New Scotland:
The Manifesto of the Scottish Socialist Party

Think Again's Queer Youth Manifesto

The Manifesto of the People's Global Action

The Port Huron Statement
of the Students for a Democratic Society

Let Us Face The Future:
The Labour Party's 1945 Manifesto

The Manifesto of the Communist Party

by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

English, German and Zulu!




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