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These are a few of the Turtle's favourite thing, and are crudely organised by topic.

Anti-Globalisation struggles, Immigration/Asylum, The Soviet Bloc, Gender/Queer Rights, Socialism, Religion, Theory, and Our Comrades


As with the rest of the People's Turtle, this is a page in permanent revolution. But rather than build an encyclopaedia of struggle, the Turtle has selected the finest, wisest, and occasionally most frivolous, sites of struggle.

We're always hunting for new links, so please send in your recommendations for review by the democratically centralised editorial troupe.

Anti-Globalisation Struggles

Here, we celebrate a few of our favourite groups from the Global Justice movement, AKA the anti-globalisation, anti-capitalist, trouble-making, rabble-rousing activist ensemble.

Primus inter pares in the global justice world, while the World Social Forum was still a twinkle in a French Trotskyist's eye, The People's Global Action formed a network to fight the predations of the WTO, and mobilise for alternatives. They're still going strong, and worth a looksee.

That one of the co-editors used to work for Food First influences our approval of this fine organisation only a little. They're in the good books of many other movements of which the Turtle approves, including Via Campesina and the MST.

Trotskyism, bless, sometimes works. The good folk from Attac have done some excellent work in Europe, pulling together a wide coalition of folk around the very concrete Tobin Tax policy. They've also been instrumental in getting the World Social Forum on its feet, together with the Brazilian Worker's Party. And some sympathetic comrades are doing fine, Francophone work over at

In the slightly more frivolous category, we place the fine, but occasionally nationalist Third World Network, the commendable Whirledbank and Yes-Men WTO spoof sites, and, how could we not, the site celebrating harmony between Turtles and Teamsters, the Sea Turtle Restoration Project


The Campaign to Close Campsfield

The Soviet Bloc

Here's a site about Soviet leaders.
The Legenday Tito Home Page!
Stalinism Today! The North Korean News Service!
And why not visit the "Official" Kazakhstan?

Gender/Queer Resources

IGLHRC (and, yes, it's pronounced "Iggel-hurk")
ActUp Philadelphia

Monthly Review
Democratie Socialiste


The Vatican City


There's a ton of stuff at
The Situationist International Archive

Our Comrades

This is where we post links back to those sites which have been polite enough to maintain a link to the Turtle of their own, and publicise a few other things which we think might be worthwhile.

The New Left Review website goes from strength to strength.

Freezerbox Magazine is well worth a visit, and has recently been publishing the wise words of Turtle Stakhanovite J. Carter Wood.

Other sites which promote the work of other Contributors to the Turtle include the National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives, which is the stamping ground of Joe Guinan, the North West Labour History Group, which chose to celebrate twenty five years of their annual journal with a contribution from our very own Dave Renton, and Toward Freedom Online, which does good things, and which has been known to publish the words of Sasha Abramsky.

Thinking of journals, magazines and the like, look out also for the new publication, Radical Society, when it hits the "New Journals" shelf of your local academic institution's library, and which the Turtle will be perusing with care and attention.

And Underground Focus have linked to us, and we're happy to reciprocate.

Ben Dalby was the only writer to write for every issue of the Paper Turtle, 1993-5, so why not buy his brand new album, Symphony of Silence?

Young Labor Left in Australia have been enjoying the Mao of Pooh, and we quite like their site, too.

And Signs of the Times isn't bad.




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