Sunday, September 12, 2004


Busy bees blog badly. I'm waiting for a weekend, or an evening, or morning, or just any time of day where I can sit down and think about what the hell I've been up to over the past few weeks. Need to make time for proper blogging too. In the meantime, here's a small digital dividend from a rather hectic schedule- I've been inducted into a fine new circle of South African iconoclasts at Red. Among the joys to be found there is a rap duel between Anarchists and Trotskyists, a Raptabate, originally, I think, from New York IMC.

Unfortunately, trots can't rap.

MC Trot, for example, fires off this stumbling couple of couplets -
We got weapon of theory, which guides our action
You’ll bow down to us us like J. Atkins did to C. Jackson
And that’s the final word, I do suppose
Now stop being crusty and put on decent clothes.

to which MC Makhno responds with the altogether much more enjoyable
alright, it’s time to put the smack down on you Spartacist suckas....
You try and sweat us with your sectarian ways
NEFAC’s analysis will leave you in a daze
Talkin’ that shit about central committee
We’re Dead Prez while you’re more like P. Diddy
If you try and front on the Red and Black
You’ll find your vanguardist asses under attack
No war between nations,No peace between classes
While we stick our collective foot up your asses
NEFAC’s the bomb, why can’t you suckas see
That we’re taking the shit to the bourgeoisie?

Visit the Raptabate and decide for yoursen. [Via Ahmed]


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